Fixes, Versions and Glitches!

Known bugs:

     - Can't delete wires by holding ctrl and clicking on the wire: This is caused by playing on a computer close to the minimum limits of the game requirements, but only just good enough. It can be worked around by deleting the part attached to the wire.

Version 1.6

    Fixes -

     - Fixed an error when trying to buy a part that was over the maximum limit, the      money would be spent, but you would not get the part.

Version 1.5

    Fixes -

     - Fixed an error with the menu skipping.
     - Added a full tutorial video.

Version 1.4

    Fixes -

     - Fixed an error with wires not displaying correctly.
     - Added the cheat "mike". Gives full money and power.
     - Added a controls popup.
     - Added that the play button in the profiles links directly to the game.

Version 1.3

    Fixes -

     - Fixed an error with not being able to buy a second weapon.
     - Fixed an error with a loop in the battery.
     - Fixed an error with several loops in the parts.
     - Added a how-to popup in the circuit screen.


Version 1.2

    Fixes -

     - Fixed a error in the key entering system, that was caused by a missing file.

Version 1.1

    Fixes -

     - Fixed a glitch where trying to buy a part that was over the max. limit would still cost money.

     - Added another slide to the slideshow, spreading the information out.

Version 1.0

    Fixes -

     - Added Puzzle mode.
     - Added EMP hit sound effect.
     - Added screenshot key to controls list.
     - Changed screenshot system to not overwrite previous game's screenshots.
     - Revamped profiles menu.

Version 0.9

    Fixes -

     - Add a 'fader' that appears whenever a circuit part that can have a number setting (number gen, random num, etc) is selected. It goes away after the player uses the number setting feature more then five times (ie: clicks on the numbers more then five times). This will be toned down after a better tutorial is finished, but since the Indie Game Showcase is on the 14th, this will help people find out how to set numbers.

     - Listed a screenshot key in the controls list on esc. (f6)

     - Stopped the A116 power generator (the one that drains health if producing 6000 power) from hurting the player while safe mode is active.

     - Fixed a glitch. Monsters will no longer make death sounds when off-screen.

     - Installing this will wipe any save games on the old version.

Version 0.8

    Fixes -

     - Fixed level 19 being impossible to finish.

     - Doubled radius for $ cash pickup.

     - Changed the boss display text, for boss boasting.

     - Added small text on how to delete parts to tutorial.


Version 0.7

    Fixes -

     - The player is now invincible from the time a boss dies to the
    time that the next level's text fades away. This prevents the
    player from dying after killing the boss, and starting the
    next level without the weapon upgrade and money that the boss drops.

     - All monsters that are stuck off-map are killed when the
    progress timer bar is full. This prevents levels being
    impossible to win because various monsters are stuck off-map.




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