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Engine of War - A Shoot 'em up/Build-stuff game. Built over 8 months with a small team, this project was one of the most valuable to me, in terms of work experience.

The Scourge - A game made for the Toronto GameJam,
it was made over 3 days and 2 nights. Featured in the IndieGames blog, this game experiements with interactive storytelling, placing the player in the game as both the protagonist and the storyteller.

Puzzle Wizard - A small real-time puzzle game, made over the course of three months. My first full game, this project showcases my puzzle design skills.

Projects & Prototypes


- Tactics Zen, an abstract prototype RTT.

- Biplane Command, an experiment in RTS/FPS command interface.


- 'Submarine', a game doc for an Adventure game.

- 'Room Wars', a game doc. A RTT/RPG.

- 'Why Engine of War is Unique.', an overview of Engine of War.'

- 'Slippery slopes and mass appeal games.', a paper on ideas for making games more mass appeal.

- 'Abanchu-ru', a game concept document.

- 'Hacker', a game doc. A FPS.

Contests & Press

IndieGame Showcase - Engine of War won first place in this contest. I got to display it at the Austin GDC.

Acknex Users Magazine - I was interviewed about
Engine of War, for AUM74. - An article about The Scourge.

  Podcast - I was interviewed on IndieGamePod on the Engine of War beta.

Review of Engine of War by Jim Mcginnly:
"Toronto genius Michael Todd, programmer of TOJam's The Scourge, recently won the IndieGame Developers Showcase thanks to his 1-man masterpiece Engine of War. He was up against some seriously good competition, and it was a public vote, so you know this game is good. Imagine an action game where you can completely rewire your ship. Now stop imagining because there's a demo. "




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